Chestergate Info?

Chestergate Info is all about promoting the businesses on Chestergate in Macclesfield.


We are in the unfortunate situation where Churchill Way cuts Chestergate in two.  This once famous shopping street has become physically divided by a ‘by-pass’ road (yes, we know that these roads are supposed to go around the town, but this is Macclesfield).

The top half of Chestergate has also been pedestrianised and so looks and feels like a completely separate entity to the lower half.  If you have lived here all your life then you know this, but for people new to the town, or just visiting, there seems little point in crossing over Churchill Way.

What’s down there?

This little site is all about letting people know that there is life beyond Churchill Way – Yes! There really are more shops, and pubs, and restaurants, and a whole host of other businesses.

What should I do next?

Check out our site, then maybe come and visit in person, we’re always here.